The breadth of knowledge there is no limit because of all the things that exist outside and inside all human knowledge can be learned so that it can emerge and can be studied as a science that is able to contribute to the advancement of the modern era to the era of very forward looking.

Can not be separated from the existing activities daily life which in this case will be described in detail and hopefully can become a literature that helps to contribute to science. Understanding more about the friction of course this may sound quite ordinary and why it must be understood. During the study course, this friction becomes a trivial question because this kind of school is questionable even discussed the physics lesson. Various types of friction that surrounds the human is an event that can be used as a case study of physics learning.

To learn more about what it should be understood beforehand understanding friction. Understanding friction force or friction is a phenomenon or event that occurs when two different moving objects as well as the coefficient of experiencing the opposite direction of movement touching each other. Frictional forces can occur between two different types of material, such as friction between water and other solid objects so as to cause ausan or decrease the economic value of the object. However, the most frequently encountered is the friction between solid objects such kind seseama when sharpening a knife, the thing that happens is to do a frictional force against the metal material (knife) to the surface of the grindstone to sharpen the knife used for cutting.

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2 Weeks driven Mercedes S - Class Burned

Mercedes - Benz S Class sudden burning roadside Germany . Though the age of the new car 2 weeks since the exit of the Mercedes -Benz authorized dealer .

Quoted from inautonews , Saturday ( 19/04/2014 ) British police say a fire arising from the machine and spread to all parts of the machine .

German car owners are a retired couple from Germany . On the way in North - Rhine Westphalia ( NRW ) they found nothing wrong with the car and they pulled over on the roadside Ulrich Stockl .

The car emits smoke from the engine and not long after the fire timbil and devoured all the mechanical parts of the vehicle.

The lucky couple was not injured , and at the time of the incident . They are straight out of the car so visible smoke billowing from the engine

Reported by worldcarfans , 18 people consisting of 3 firefighters arrived on the scene . But unfortunately they were too late because the fire had spread and devour the entire machine .

Fire of unknown origin . Until now , police are investigating the cause of the fire.

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Adulescens generatiua Health

Integrum statum cognoscendum generatiua sanitas est et corpore , mente , socialiter solui non solum omnia quae pertinent ad defectum morbo generandi quoque eius et processus.

Interim ad statum omnis qui corporis valetudinem, propagationis , mentis et socialis totum in partibus , non pertinent ad defectum morbo libertatem generandi quoque eius et processus.

Definition of generatiua sanitas est perfectionis in Cairo ICPD MCMXCIV secundum corpus, et non salutem mentis et socialis absentia infirmitas et pestilentia , et omnia quae ad munera et generandi .

Generatiua sanitas intellectu includunt sequens: I ) De Veneris ius ad vitam et satis tuto poterit Posse etiam referunt ; II ) De libero arbitrio, quando vel quantum ad operandum; III ) et obtinere ius esto cognoscendi facilitas homines salvos efficax dispensative atque culturae et amet ; IV ) Rectus ut obtinere satis sollicitudin adipiscing cursus gravida mulieres subire facultas secura.
Adulescens generatiua Health
Eaedem large possunt valetudo genera factorum repoduksi malis possunt nempe:
I . Socialia et oeconomica factores et eiusmodi ( praesertim pauperes , humilis gradus educationis et progressionis per ignorantiam , et de sexus generandi processibus , sicut remota locus , ubi esset .)
II . Et quis culturae factores ( eg traditum exercitia generatiua valetudinis negativa in qua fides, multum multi pueri felicius, quia Pueros et adulescentes docere vario conturbant generatiua functio invicem , etc.)
III . Animi ( adolescentes divisionem in parentes dapibus , animi debetur hormonal iniquitate, qui emit ad propriam nequitiam mulieris libertatem in re , etc.)
IV . Morbi factores ( genuit defectus, set defectus cum sexually traducitur morbis tractatus , etc.)

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